Relying on thorough research methods, engagement with market participants, and multiple levels of internal review, NPV Advisors produces credible, insightful, and actionable opinions of value that investors rely on. To provide this unparalleled level of market knowledge and client service, we invest heavily in finding team members who can learn from the best in the industry and actively support their personal and professional development. Our firm has expanded significantly over the past several years and continues to seek out passionate individuals with an unmitigated commitment to exceptional quality to join us.

Experienced Appraisers are established veterans of the commercial real estate industry with a proven track record of providing high-quality appraisals for simple to complex properties. NPV offers valuation professionals a boutique office environment, a competitive fee-split structure, and access to a team of associates that provide specialized market research. Appraisers looking to further enhance their knowledge of markets across the country and build rapport with some of the premier investors and lenders in North America are always encouraged to get in touch.

Analysts are mentored by a principal or director and gain exposure to the appraisal delivery and reporting process in a comprehensive, stepwise manner. Our training process is designed to identify and cultivate those who have the dedication and drive to rise to senior-level positions within our firm. Successful candidates will be open to moderate levels of travel, display comfort in research, analysis, and report writing, and will thrive in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment.

Research Professionals provide concise, data-driven analytical support and seek exposure to a broad array of demographic, economic, and market research topics. Research professionals come from backgrounds as diverse as anthropology, music composition, and economics, but they all share a passion for real estate, high attention to detail, excellent writing and communication skills, and the ability to multi-task effectively.

Internship Opportunities are available on both a part-time and full-time basis. As a small, growing firm, NPV Advisors is always on the lookout for those willing to gain office experience and help out with our operations, information technology, and other day-to-day needs. Additionally, we offer opportunities for motivated individuals to assist with our core appraisal practice and forge connections with team members of all levels at one of the most dynamic firms in the appraisal industry.