Quality Control

We maintain a stringent quality-control process to ensure consistent and reliable results that our clients trust. Principals of the firm are involved in all aspects of an assignment well beyond the review process. To guarantee that only the highest quality reports reach our clients, senior-level leadership guides each assignment from engagement to delivery. This process includes a multilayer review process of applicable standards, methods of analysis, financial modeling, presentation, and format.

To consistently deliver the highest quality work, our offices operate without regional territories. Each assignment is delegated to the appraiser, staff member, or team best qualified to tackle each individual project. Our appraisers have on average 15 years of experience with individual expertise in various property types and markets as well as diverse backgrounds in real estate acquisition, urban planning counseling, investment analysis, lending, law, accounting, research, and valuation. We make sure to allocate the necessary resources and expertise to each project ensuring the highest quality results reach our clients.