Portfolio Group

NPV Advisors’ dedicated Portfolio Group has extensive experience successfully delivering large scale portfolios in a timely manner. We have the experience and staff necessary to meet tight client deadlines. We make every effort to not only deliver on-time, but also reply to any review comments or client questions rapidly. Our quality control measures ensure continuity and consistency across the portfolio. We work with our clients to ensure we are collecting property data and coordinating site inspections efficiently and presenting appraisal information in an easy to review manner. Further, should there be any impediments to delivery, such as the inability to secure necessary data; we will remain communicative with the client.

For each portfolio we designate a small management group who oversee the valuation process from engagement to delivery.  This team includes a lead appraiser who is supported by a small team of appraisal and administrative professionals dedicated to working with the client for data collection, orchestrating optimal templates, and coordinating licensing and property inspections.

NPV Advisors is a national firm that operates without geographic territories. Work is allocated to the most qualified staff with the capacity to deliver the highest quality reports. For large portfolios we review property type, location, and unique property features to determine the best clustering of assets to allocate to individual appraisers and/or small teams. This maintains consistency in work by property type and geography.

The designated lead appraiser oversees the portfolio’s appraisal methodology. Initially this is considered, along with client specific requirements, in the template development phase. It is then repeatedly considered as our staff reviews property data and collects market data. This information is discussed among the appraisal team and clear directions are given. Adherence to these directives are further audited in the review phase.

NPV Advisors maintains a stringent quality-control process to ensure consistent and reliable results that our clients trust.  This process includes a multilayer review process of applicable standards, methods of analysis, financial modeling, presentation, and format.  Reviewers, including the portfolio’s Lead Appraiser, are involved in the assignment from initial appraisal methodology to delivery. Reviewers take the initiative to review portfolio-wide assumptions, the individual assets, as well as the portfolio as a whole.

NPV Advisors leadership and staff are committed to providing exemplary client service.  We assess and then address review comments promptly.   For large portfolios this can include reviewing any comments across all assets to ensure responses are consistent.